Lucy Lée is a UK-based designer of Caribbean mixed heritage who is on a mission to popularise the prints of Africa.

Lucy has always been a creative person, expressing her creativity in the form of costume design.
After completing her degree in Arts Management she decided to embark on a journey into fashion and founded House of Loulee.

As mother Lucy believes that fashion is a great way to introduce young people to the beauty of African culture, that is why she chooses to use the ornate fabrics from West Africa to create her ready to wear clothing.

Her vibrant designs feature striking African motifs that speak of stories and idiologies from across the continent.

In the 10 years since setting up House of Loulee Lucy has gained international following with customers placing orders, for babies, children and adults from around the world.

Her attention to detail and attentiveness towards customers is at the core of her brand. As a result she had the pleasure of presenting her collections on the runway for the Mayor of London's Africa On the Square. Lucy's designs have also been featured in leading publications such as Prima Baby Magazine & Black Beauty Magazine.

Lucy continues to be inspired by the beauty of African fabrics and hopes to share pride in African culture to children all over the globe through her designs.