I'm Lucy, the founder of House of Loulee and a woman with a sewing machine permanently attached to my arm. I started creating House of Loulee back in 2012 and opened its online store in 2013.

House of Loulee was a long time in the making after I was offered a place at the London School of Fashion but at the time due to a lack of funding I was unable to attend. This resulted in it always being at the forefront of my mind to start my own clothing label. Born in South East London and of mixed ethnicity, there has always been an amazing mix of cultures inspiring and enhancing my love of fashion and design. Therefore once my second child was born I decided to stop working 12 hour days away from my family and start my own business which also enabled me to spend more time with them.

The aim of House of Loulee is to create ready to wear quality clothing from bold Batik prints. These prints are so uniquely beautiful and full of captivating colour that they will quite possibly brighten your mood just by seeing them, so you can imagine what wearing them everyday will do for you.

Take a look around the HOLL shop, where you'll find items for babies, children & adults and remember, no gift says "I love you" better than a handmade gift. Also, if you ever have any questions, special requests or just need some help with ordering, please don't hesitate to contact me and my team and we'll be there to help.

Happy Shopping




House of Loulee Africa on the Square